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About The Light Source Center

Welcome to the Light Source Center. We are a non-profit school of meditation in West Hartford, CT. with students around the world. At the Light Source Center, you will learn guided meditation that will give you the tools to find and live your truth and actively create the life you want.

Class sessions are 55 minutes in small groups. Registration is for six-week sessions offered in consecutive weeks. At the core of each class is your personal growth. This may be the hardest work you ever do for yourself, but it is also work that can change your life. Small groups allow for the best opportunity for you to focus on you and your place in the world.

The Light Source Center was founded more than 20 years ago by Natlie. Through Natlie’s teachings, thousands of people were encouraged and guided to put their lives back on track through discovering an inner power to change in positive directions. She taught students the pathways to emotional and physical healing, techniques to awaken their innate spirituality and to tap into their highest potential.

As a non-profit the Light Source Center Appreciates donations of any amount. All donations are used to support programs. We are committed to ensuring anyone who wishes to do this work can regardless of their ability to pay.