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The Light Source Center is currently offering a variety of classes, privately or in small groups, through Zoom. If you are interested in joining a class or seek more information, please email us at or call us at (860) 287-3119.


All classes at the Light Source Center are held in six week segments. Students are placed in classes to best enhance the learning of each individual and accommodate schedules. Every student progresses at their own rate. Classes are offered Monday through Friday on Zoom.

Group Meditations

Group meditations are for students and a great way to connect our light and experience a guided meditation together. They are an opportunity to practice the tools learned in other programs. Group meditations are held Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

2021 Transformation Meditation Series

In this virtual monthly group setting, participants will be lead in a series of very basic, yet powerful guided meditations created especially for beginners. This program is intended to introduce people to the Light and the work we do at the LSC, and is a starting point to take other classes or programs. The cost of this program is $15 per session.

Monthly Sittings

The monthly Sittings are an opportunity for students to sit and meditate in very powerful energy while listening to a channeled message.

Deeper Connections to Self and Each Other

This is a monthly meditation for newer students who are already working with a LSC teacher. The focus is on coming together to learn even more about yourself, your connection to Spirit and the Light. Working in a group environment and learning about others in their spiritual journey will help to expand your own growth. The program will be held once a month.

Finding Your Balance in an Ever-Changing World

This six-week program will give beginners an opportunity to look deeper at themselves and the stresses in their life, to learn about the Light and how to work with energy as a tool to deal with and manage stress. Transformative meditations and discussion will be used for self-reflection and insight. The program is led by LSC teacher Jen Truken and LSC board member Phil Keck. Please contact us for the next session dates.

The Light Source Center creates an environment for each student to discover and understand his or her own truth. We believe these tools offered through meditation should be available to anyone who would like them. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford classes.