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The Light

Energy is all. It powers our world in very tangible ways. Energy lights our homes, moves our vehicles and makes our phones ring. For all the obvious ways we use and feel energy, the most important is often overlooked. Energy and light are keys to our personal and spiritual growth.

Energy is either positive or negative, light or dark. It transcends Earth and exists universally. The light is the highest form of energy (we can access on Earth) and can be an extraordinary tool used to transform lives. Through guided meditation and with the help of Spirit, anyone can learn to feel, experience and use the light. It is a source of truth, love, protection, healing and more.

Students of the Light Source Center begin by learning about the power various colors of light have to create real and lasting change in their lives. Each color has its own frequency, vibration and feel. Each color has a purpose and plays a vital role in every student’s growth.