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Natlie has developed a form of guided meditation unique to the Light Source Center . The meditations create a natural pathway to connecting students to Spirit.

Students begin by understanding the power of deep breathing and the light. Meditations using creative visualization build on the foundation of learning. Students move at their own pace and can open up a greater awareness about their lives by moving past the noise and clutter of their heads and connecting to the higher energy found in their hearts.

Students learn the answers they’re looking for are inside themselves. They are guided to connect to Spirit and tap into their own higher selves. The journey opens doors of growth and empowerment.

The more students use their inner resources and connect to their higher selves more deeply, the ability to find their own truths take root. New tools and pathways for personal and spiritual growth open up and the shackles of expectation and control can be shed.

The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Trusting intuition, that “knowing without conscious thought” everyone is born with. Everyone can connect to their intuition once they learn to trust their heart.

  • Understanding choices and that all choices are our own. You are responsible for the choices you make and the lessons you have chosen in this life. Understanding your choices also allows you to live the life you want and not a life others have convinced you to lead.

  • Choosing love and light instead of fear. Fear is the opposite of love and light. Fear and love can never be in the same space together. Fear holds us back and takes many forms, such as worry, anxiety, anger, hatred, jealousy, stress and more. Student learn to recognize the blocks fear has created in their lives how to make choices based in love and light.

  • Recognizing the difference between positive and negative energies, light and dark and learning to use the light as protection. Understanding the difference between energies allows students to respond to the world around them in love and light, rather than reacting to negativity with fear.

  • Learning to love yourself and live your own truth, regardless of what others expect from you.