Additional Programs

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a practice of circulating internal energy through graceful movements and a variety of breathing techniques. This program is designed as a six-week series, but drop-ins are welcome if space allows. The sessions will be held at 5 pm, Wednesdays starting May 18 at the LSC offices.

Participants will learn:

  • To breathe deeply into the lower abdomen, which brings in more oxygen for the whole body and increases energy.
  • Bring their energy into the earth, which in turn helps them feel supported and connected, stronger on their feet, bringing in more energy into legs, letting go of mental energy.
  • Clear their minds by focusing on what they are feeling in each session.

The LSC believes in community.

Teachers at the Light Source Center are available to bring a program to your organization, community or business. We believe everyone can benefit from the tools offered here, and we want to remove any barriers to provide those opportunities. We strive to make the tools taught at the LSC accessible to everyone.

To learn more about the possibilities please fill out the form below.

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