Additional Programs

Qi Gong

Everything is energy, but have you felt it as you move through the world? Qi Gong classes at the Light Source Center offer you the space to gather, feel and move energy throughout your body, giving you an understanding of grounding and how to incorporate positive energy into your life. Through breath work and slow, intentional movements you will begin to transform physical and energetic blocks that will empower and energize you.

Qi Gong classes begin 5 pm, Feb. 15 and are one hour. You can sign up for a six-week series or drop-in. The series is $90. Drop-in is $18 per class.

The LSC believes in community.

Teachers at the Light Source Center are available to bring a program to your organization, community or business. We believe everyone can benefit from the tools offered here, and we want to remove any barriers to provide those opportunities. We strive to make the tools taught at the LSC accessible to everyone.

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