About Us

The Light Source Center (LSC) is a non-profit school of meditation based in West Hartford, CT with the ability to serve students globally. The Light Source Center offers classes where students can learn the tools to create balance, love themselves, and live in Light. We provide a safe, supportive, compassionate and loving space for all students, staff and visitors who come through our doors, whether in person or virtually. Our focus is on the student and each individual journey.

While we do offer many programs for those either new to meditation or new to the LSC, classes are the foundation of everything we do. We do not publish a class schedule and openings for our teachers to ensure each potential student has personal contact with an LSC staff member before registration.

We believe everyone has the ability to learn the tools offered at the LSC and we offer scholarships to ensure there is never a financial barrier.

To learn more about the LSC you can access our strategic plan and read more about our history.

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