History of the LSC

New Beginnings

The story of the Light Source Center is one of rebirth and reemergence as a source of positive energy for people around the world.

The Light Source Center was founded in 1999 by Natlie, a teacher, counselor, and intuitive. Under her direction, The Light Source Center flourished for more than 20 years. With her sudden passing in 2017, her students and Board of Directors experienced a profound loss and a period of grief and reevaluation. Always at the core of conversations about the future of the LSC was the goal of fulfilling Natlie’s dream to build a school of Light, where anyone could learn to access the Light and work with positive energy in their daily lives.

Today, the Light Source Center is still thriving and continuing to evolve. Natlie’s core teachings and the powerful tools she offered continue to be the focus of every class and program offered at the LSC. The LSC teachers offer a variety of programs for all levels of students with a continuum of needs as the Board of Directors works to ensure the continued financial and organizational sustainability of the LSC. Our vision is to create an expanded global, diverse community of people living in Light and Love, teaching others and welcoming anyone who wants access to the tools offered at the Light Source Center.

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